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The next time you run into drain or sewer problems, make sure your first phone call is to the professionals at Pro Plumber. Whether it's clogged drains or routine drain cleaning, we can help you out. Our service is available in Houston, TX. Call us at 832-646-3214 to learn more.

Helpful sewer and drain cleaning services

  • Drain cleaning

  • Clogged drains

  • Sewer repair

  • Video camera inspection

  • Hydro jetting

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Our business uses top-notch equipment which allows us to diagnose various sewer issues and solve it. Our staff members are known to be friendly, courteous and prompt. Contact us today.

Prevent leaks and flooding by upgrading your drains and sewer lines with the help of Pro Plumber.

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From simple leak repairs to complete pipe

replacements, our team has the skills to make

sure your entire drain system is functional.

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